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We feel that the paradigm has shifted, first time founders warrant more than just funding. Our Knightsbridge HQ offers a platform for founders where we can work collaboratively in the earliest days. The space is an inherent part of creating a solid community and network over time, which grows beyond the founders we back.

As founders and operators ourselves- helping to build transformational businesses is the lifeblood of our beliefs. We appreciate the challenges faced at the earliest stages and our building arm is designed to help navigate these complexities. Working as a collective, this ecosystem grants accomplished entrepreneurs from within our network to share resources across all areas of business. Those skills then drive equity joint-ventures that operate in areas where our partners have deep expertise (scaling, superior market knowledge, dedicated operational & strategic, etc.)

A platform which affords the opportunity for rapid experimentation and company development.


Partnering with founders who are building technology-enabled companies, with innovative models, helping them to create companies that thrive and mature to stand the test of time.

Our vision is that founders and companies work in unison, alongside talent that’s under the same roof, striving towards a shared goal. We provide capital & office space from day one, to support founders so they are able to focus on the task at hand.

In order to run at optimum efficiency, we analyse market trends and opportunities with a view to committing to 4 scalable and profitable businesses each year.

YYX pools together insights from past experience with entrepreneurial talent and capital to create inventive, scalable, mission-led businesses.


Taking a blended approach to our core functions and aligning them with portfolio companies, to harness an environment where founders can be open in sharing business processes and play-books with one another. These synergies have proven to unveil strategies and perspectives on how to approach challenges or even mistakes, which another startup can learn from and therefore evade.

As well as our expansive network, our key differentiator lies within the in-house functions our startups have at their disposal. Centralising these numerous abilities and knowledge share, allows us to offer a superior level of support, whilst stimulating the levers for rapid scale.

These include:
- Marketing & Branding
- PR & Communications
- Capital Raising
- Go-to-Market strategy
- Business Plan refining
- Video & Photography content
- Accounts
- Talent sourcing
- Website
- Legal
- Logistics

Collective knowledge is far superior than singular knowledge.

We have fun and look to build something truly special together.
Think of our partnership as us being side-kick to your super hero.

"I approached James with an idea. Within months, the team and I had worked collaboratively to find our brand identity and really bring it to life, which was swiftly followed by launch - securing seed funding from a handful of Europe's most prolific investors. YYX's fast-paced approach complemented our ambitious growth plans, allowing us to expand to international markets, whilst compounding on the strong headway we'd made in the UK. Access to their network of talent and advisors has been critical to our success so far".

Ashleigh - Waldo CEO & Co-Founder

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