YYX Portfolio


Mahabis is a premium lifestyle brand built around its iconic slipper design. The company has sold over 1m pairs of slippers in over 100 countries. YYX acquired Mahabis in January 2019.

Carbon Theory

Carbon Theory is an FMCG skincare brand, that sells their charcoal and tea tree infused products, online and in-store across Europe & US.


Waldo is on a mission to deliver high quality daily contact lenses without the hassle or price tag

Simba Sleep

Mattress e-commerce startup mastering the ‘simplicity of sleep’, perfect for all customers, uniquely harmonising science with experience.


An award-winning technology that enables the kids’ Internet. Used by hundreds of brands and content owners, SuperAwesome products provide safe digital engagement with almost half a billion kids every month.


Monese is a globally connected online banking platform, supporting a growing number of consumers and businesses with current accounts.

Stealth Consumer

YYX Capital have teamed up with industry leading online experts in the pet industry, to launch their hotly anticipated D2C offering

Near St

NearSt is a retail technology company building the world’s source of real-time local inventory. Their technology, NearLive, connects to any shop inventory system and turns raw stock into quality live inventory data, ready for the web.

Some of the companies prior to YYX that our Partners invested in / helped scale

Leading firms who've subsequently invested in our early stage companies